My name is Chanakya Serjam. After graduating from Bachelors in Computer Sciences & Engineering from my home country India,
I joined Sakurai Lab at Keio University to pursue Master’s and then Doctorate degrees.
I am a casual photographer and hiker, a biking enthusiast, and a budding cook. I am also an avid traveler as and when time permits.
I love football and Manchester United is my passion. One of my dreams is to watch Man United play at Old Trafford.
Other hobbies include music, movies, games, etc.

Current research theme

The aim of our research is to establish a new framework which incorporates grammar and evolutionary algorithms into image recognition systems.
The idea is to describe objects using formal grammar. In this scenario, objects are taken to be a collection of smaller, well understood and defined shapes.
Currently we are engaged in describing the basic shapes which will be the elements from whom the higher dimensional objects are derived.
As always, all classical aspects of image recognition problems apply, such as occlusion and different orientation etc.
Therefore, we have to write the grammars in such a way as to counter these problems.
For the system to be truly intelligent, it must also incorporate elements of evolutionary algorithms, which shall allow it form grammars for new objects and modify grammars for already existing objects.